No rail line for Melb suburb for 30 years


A landmark 30-year strategy has condemned Melbourne's northeastern wedge to 30 more years of waiting for a rail line.

Infrastructure Victoria has laid down a 30-year strategy for the state and "filtered out" plans for a Doncaster rail line.

"This option has a high cost, and feasibility studies indicate that few people will change to public transport if a heavy rail service were available compared to the existing bus service," Infrastructure Victoria's report says.

Doncaster has no rail or tram lines despite plans first being proposed in 1890 and construction actually starting in the 1970s.

Manningham council strategic transport planner Frank Vassilacos said the 30-year strategy was a body blow to the plan to put a 12km line down the middle of the Eastern Freeway.

"If it's not even in a strategy, how do we reserve the freeway median strip for a rail line or even a public transport line and not lose it to more freeway lanes?" he told AAP.

Neither the current Labor government or previous coalition government has announced any plans to build the rail line.

Instead the report recommends extending a tram line to Doncaster, which Mr Vassilacos said would take longer than the buses already stuck in peak hour traffic.