I Dunno What Made Me Think Of This Today, But I Love The Word "Schadenfreude"

The word of the day is "schadenfreude."

Do you know this word? It's a good one. It's a borrowed word from German, and it means "pleasure derived from another person's misfortune."

Dictionary definition of the term 'schadenfreude': pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune. Example sentence: "a business that thrives on schadenfreude"

So let's say you were working at a restaurant, and a customer didn't tip you at all on a $200 check. Then as the customer was leaving, they tripped and fell on their face. In that case, you might feel schadenfreude.

A smiling woman in a denim shirt points to the viewer with one hand while making an "L" sign on her forehead with the other
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Or let's say — completely hypothetically — there was a former president who boasted about sexually assaulting women, disparaged people of color, and called white nationalists "very fine people," among other things. And then — again, hypothetically — that former president was found guilty on 34 charges of falsifying business documents...

Donald Trump with eyes closed, wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and blue tie, stands with people in the background, his face is obscured by a blue circle with a question mark on it
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...Yep, you might feel schadenfreude. Great word, right? Anyway, I'm not bringing this up for any particular reason. I just think it's a neat word! Okay, bye!