No overall control for Stroud District Council

A Green Party member behind a microphone on a stage with others looking on
The Green Party has the most seats, but not enough to take control of the district council [BBC]

Stroud District Council has once again no overall control following Thursday's local election.

The Green Party has become the largest party in the district council for the first time in its history - but falls short of taking full control with 22 seats.

Labour has 20, Conservatives seven and Liberal Democrats two.

The council has had no overall control for 13 years.


The Green Party's Catherine Braun said she was "delighted" and would "be prepared to continue as council leader".

She said they had always worked "collaboratively with other parties so that's what we want to continue to do".

Ms Braun said her party would probably not consider working with the Conservatives, but she would have discussions with Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Lindsay Green in a blue rosette looks into the camera
Conservative Lindsay Green said the party's performance was "disappointing" but not surprising [BBC]

Labour increased its number of district councillors from four to 20 and took a number of seats from the Conservatives, which reduced from 19 to seven.

Conservative group leader, Lindsay Green, said the result was "disappointing".

She said: "I don't think it's surprising a lot of people with the national picture.

"I think people all across the district and across the country are very disillusioned with politics".

Ms Green said she would not rule out working with other parties either.

Analysis from Gloucestershire political reporter Ed Rowe

This has been a historic day for the Green Party, becoming the largest party on Stroud District Council for the first time in history, but it's also been a big day for Labour.

The party, which saw bitter splits and in-fighting during the last administration, is now the second largest party on the council, increasing its number five fold.

But it was not all happiness and smiles, with the Conservatives dropping from largest group to third, with only seven seats.

Despite jubilation from the winners, what happens next is unclear.

No one party has that magic majority of 26 seats, so deals will have to be done, or at the very least informal agreements made about who runs things.

Whether Labour and Green councillors can work together or a more cohesive grouping forms, we will just have to wait and see over the coming months.

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