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No One Is Ready for This Billie Eilish Hair and Eyebrow Transformation

No One Is Ready for This Billie Eilish Hair and Eyebrow Transformation

One famous face known for her hair transformations (as well as amazing singing abilities) is Billie Eilish. And proving to have an endless roster of colors in her arsenal, today she debuted a brand new fiery, blood-red look.

Coming to us via Allure Magazine's new 'Best of Beauty' issue, Billie fronts the cover wearing her hair in a slicked-back veil-like 'do. But before we get to the style, the color had us doing a double take at first glance. Credits go out to the professional behind the tone, hair colorist Jess Gonzalez.

See the debut transformation shared in this Instagram video reel:

While the singer recently dyed her roots a neon red color, from this shot, it seems as if the hue is seeping down further into her locks. It goes down just as smooth as a glass of pinot noir red would... and to answer your question: yes, it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Speaking of showers, in Allure's interview with Billie, she said that she feels "best right out of the shower... with my lotions and my smells."

Color aside, we also love the star's dirty blonde brows and rhinestoned face, thanks to MUA Holly Silius, not to mention her fresh-out-the-shower tresses, created by hairstylist Benjamin Mohapi. Glam squad, assemble!

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