'No one likes a Toolie': QLD minister

Toolies have been warned to leave Schoolies Week in Queensland to this year's high school graduates.

The warning to a group generally defined as young men who've left school but turn up at Schoolies to crash the celebrations, was dished out by the state's Police Minister Mark Ryan.

"Remember - no one likes a 'Toolie'. Leave this week to the young people who have worked hard and deserve to celebrate their accomplishments responsibly," he said on Saturday.

Some 20,000 young school leavers are expected to hit the Gold Coast for the first week of celebrations.

The government and Queensland Police are urging young people to be responsible and stay safe, particularly in high-rise buildings.

"I urge all young people to look out for their mates, stick together, and check in on one another," Mr Ryan said.

"Take note of your surroundings and take care while on high-rise balconies."

Young people are also being told to keep their phones charged, plan ahead and check in regularly with family.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said there would be an increased police presence on the Gold Coast this week.

Police will conduct random checks for concealed weapons within the Safe Night Precinct on the Gold Coast while authorities conduct venue checks for underage revellers and fake IDs.

Registered school leavers on Saturday began picking up state-sponsored wristbands that allow them access to a nightly Schoolies Hub on the beach.

The hub, which is open for seven nights, is a drug-free, alcohol-supervised environment.

"Your wristband is your ticket to free fun with your mates, and the Beach Hub is the safest place for schoolies to celebrate," Youth Affairs Minister Meaghan Scanlon said.