No one to be charged after girl, 10, was 'strung up with skipping rope'

A furious mother has spoken out after no-one will be charged over the alleged attempted hanging of her daughter at a Perth school.

Belinda Yoon has reluctantly accepted that no punishment will be handed down but she’s now fighting for new anti-bullying rules to be introduced across WA schools to protect others like her daughter.

“It seems crazy to me, how can no one be responsible for what happened, it makes no sense,” Ms Yoon told 7 News.

Belinda Yoon says someone must take responsibility for what happened to her daughter. Source: 7News

When detectives told the mother no one would be charged over what happened to her daughter Amber she was lost for words.

“My daughter was hung by a tree, by a skipping rope in a tree, how can no one be accountable for that?” she asked.

The 10-year-old, who was born with multiple medical conditions, thought she was going to die when a classmate, at Queen of Aposltes Primary School in Riverton, wrapped a skipping rope around her neck and attempted to hang her from a tree in the playground.

Ms Yoon alleges her daughter had a skipping rope wrapped around her neck at school before attempts wee made to hang her from a tree. Source: 7News

Ms Yoon says police said the reason they’re not laying charges is they’re not able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the 10-year-old girl knew the consequences of her actions or in fact if she intended to cause her daughter any harm.

But Ms Yoon says if it’s not the child’s fault, questions must be asked about the students’ supervision.
“If it’s not the 10 year old girl then surely it’s the school and their duty of care,” she said.

Catholic Education WA says it is “treating the matter with compassion and respect for the dignity and wellbeing of all those impacted.”

Ms Yoon says the response from the school following the alleged incident fell below their duty of care. Source: 7News

“The school has stringent child protection policies and standards in place,” their statement read.

Ms Yoon says they’re not working, no one bothered to call her on the day or get Amber any medical assistance.

She’s now fighting for the introduction of standard bullying protocols.

She wants it mandatory for all schools to inform parents immediately of any incidents and for those cases to be lodged with a central body.

“She’s so traumatised by this and how do I explain to a little girl that no one’s at fault for what happened to her?” the mother revealed.

The mother is now fighting for stricter rules over bullying incidents to protect children like her daughter. Source: 7News