No filter for Instagram, tech summit told

Danny Rose

Instagram has no plans to do a Facebook and introduce an algorithm that dictates what users can see in their feeds.

A tech summit in Melbourne has been told Instagram will keep its "linear" feed ensuring users get shown all posts by people they follow in the order they were uploaded.

This differs from a Facebook feed which includes the most engaging - but not necessarily all - posts by a person's Facebook friends.

"At this point there is no plan for an algorithm so it will remain completely linear," Sophie Blachford, Instagram's brand development head for Australia and New Zealand said on Friday.

"I kind of wish there was one because I follow so much stuff but (there are) no plans, or any road map, for any type of feed algorithm."

Instagram has shown it is prepared to shake up how it works, recently introducing advertising and allowing users to post videos and landscape photos in addition to its long-standing square format.

Ms Blachford said another change to be rolled out soon would allow users to switch between two Instagram accounts - for example, a private and business account.

Instagram was launched in 2010 as a cut-down version of a location-based app called burbn after its developers saw burbn's users loved sharing photos and overlooked its other features.

Instagram users surged to 80 million in 2012 when Facebook swooped in a $US1 billion buyout.

There were 200 million instagrammers in 2014, doubling to 400 million today.

Ms Blachford said Instagram did not release country-specific numbers but "Aussies are really, really passionate instagrammers".

She was a speaker at the Future Assembly in Melbourne.