'NO EXCUSE': TikTokers' bizarre lockdown encounter with police

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A TikToker in NSW has shared a bizarre video showing a group of women dancing and twerking in front of two police officers.

The women are believed to have breached lockdown restrictions to film the TikTok video and were busted by the police while doing so.

The woman who shared the video has since deleted her account, however other TikTok accounts shared the video before they were wiped from the platform.

In the first video, a group of women are seen with their hands against the wall at night, none of them wearing face masks.

A group of girls left their home during Sydney's lockdown to film a TikTok video. Source: TikTok
A group of girls left their home during Sydney's lockdown to film a TikTok video. Source: TikTok

Behind them are two police officers who appear to be attempting to engage with the group with little success.

The girls continue dancing, a few of them taking their hands off the wall and twirling around.

"When they breach you [sic] for doing a TikTok at the front of your building but it's ok, it turned into a better one," the woman wrote in the caption.

In a follow-up video, which was shared by the Daily Mail, one of the women in the group is seen talking to a police officer from her car, trying to justify why they were out filming a TikTok.

She explains they were filming a TikTok in the basement of their home but there was no reception, so they left their home to film the video.

"Doing TikTok is not a reasonable excuse," a police officer says from outside the car, to which the woman admits she knows it is not a reasonable excuse to leave her home amid lockdown.

It is unclear if the incident happened in one of Sydney's 12 LGAs of concern where residents are subject to a 9pm curfew. The Daily Mail reported the incident occurred in Sydney on Friday night.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted NSW Police regarding the incident.

Sydney has been in lockdown since June 26, with harsher restrictions in place in LGAs of concern. Covid cases in NSW continue to rise with authorities predicting a peak in infections next week.

On Saturday, there were 1599 new Covid infections and eight deaths.

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