'No excuse': Passenger shocked by $9 sandwich on Jetstar flight

A Jetstar passenger has slammed the airline over a $9 sandwich he said hardly had anything on it.

Nick Mosley was on his way home from Bali when he decided to tuck into a deli sandwich, but one bite in, he says he couldn’t help notice that something was missing – food.

Unfortunately for the airline, Mr Mosley also happens to be a food writer.

“I must say @JetstarAirways have a cheek charging AUS $9 for sandwiches… without any fillings… Great for their bottom line but not so good for filling the tums of customers,” he posted on Twitter alongside a photo of the bread.

He described one of the sandwiches as being a single piece of lettuce and a small spread of margarine. As one of three sandwiches in the pack, it was meant to be egg mayonnaise and lettuce on white bread.

“I paid for it, so there really is no excuse for serving inadequate products,” he told News Corp.

“It was a shocker — it made a petrol station sandwich look like a gastronomic feast.”

A Jetstar spokesperson reached out to Nick on Twitter apologising for his disappointing dining experience.

A Jetstar spokesperson told Yahoo7 News they had passed the feedback onto their caterer and provided Mr Mosley with a refund for the sandwich

“We apologise for the unusual lack of filling in Mr Mosley’s sandwich, and appreciate this does not meet ‘egg-spectations’,” they said.

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