'No more Asians': 'Poorly written' racist signs appear around Sydney suburb

Several racist signs have been found posted in prominent areas around a Sydney suburb, calling for an end to Asian Immigration.

One of the handwritten posters, which have been seen in Ryde in Sydney’s northwest, say: “No more Asians. It’s not the face of Australia. We speak English.”

A photo of one of the posters taped to a wall that has been posted on Reddit says: “We wrote & read English. Dont (sic) insult our country.”

This racist sign had been put up in Ryde. Source: Reddit
This racist sign had been put up in Ryde. Source: Reddit

“We dont (sic) insult yours. Stop the 457 work visa its (sic) a scam. It puts Aussies out of work. They doht (sic) go back.

“All Asian businesses/employees discriminate, they only employ Asians. Stop Asians applying for public housing assistance. They have no right to it. It puts Aussies homeless.

“Stop incoming Asians sporting paronts (sic) at our expense, they dont (sic) go back. Stop Asians illeagally (sic) using concession cards. Stop Asians seat hogging on out (sic) transport.

“Save our Aussie culture, politicians murdering our culture for short gain. Australia is not Asia.”

Another photo of a racist sign taped to a trolley later emerged.

“This trolley was stolen by an Asian & dumped here,” the sign read.

City of Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale told Yahoo7 News several posters had been found and they were doing what they could to prevent anymore going up.

“We have found about eight posters so far and we have rangers out driving around the area and patrolling to pull them all down,” he said.

“These posters have no place in Ryde. We’re one of the most diverse cities in all of Australia and are proud of our multicultural city and we will continue to defend it.”

A racist sign was found taped to a trolley. Source: Reddit
A racist sign was found taped to a trolley. Source: Reddit

Many Reddit users failed to see how the signs were written by a racist given the several spelling mistakes in the signs.

“Riiiiight… you “speak” english (sic) … but can’t write it?” one person asked.

“This is so poorly written that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was done by someone who doesn’t natively speak English to spark some “racist controversy” or as someone else said it is satire,” another person said.

“I have trouble understanding how someone can simultaneously have such a poor a grasp of the language (employees … only employ) and write this legibly. Look at that ampersand. I can’t write ampersand that legibly,” another commented.

Mr Laxale added they were calling for anyone with CCTV footage of posters being put up to hand it into council for review.

“We’re also looking through our own CCTV that we have to try and determine who is responsible,” he said.