‘Filthy animal!’ Nine-year-old’s savage note to ‘lazy’ dog walkers

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A child clearly fed up with finding dog poo on their walks has written a withering takedown demanding “lazy” walkers clean up after themselves.

A Redditor found the note in the UK and shared it online with the writer calling on dog walkers to clean up their “disgusting” dog poo.

“I hate it,” the note reads.

“It’s always on my shoes or my brother’s and sister’s, and then gets walked into our house.

“It’s not good. You’re very lazy.”

A note from a nine-year-old kid demands people pick up their dog poo.
A child is clearly unhappy about finding dog poo on their walk. Source: Reddit/ Semajyio

The nine-year-old wrote they were “very annoyed” and called the dog walkers idiots for not picking it up.

According to the note, the child has been doing some of their own cleaning.

“If I can pick it up at age nine then you should be able to do it too,” the note reads.

The child added the poo is “horrible” and “all the way down the road”. They also suggested to “flick it into the hedge” with a stick or buy a bag.

“Pick your dog’s poo up you filthy animal,” the note reads.

A yorkie relieving himself on a park.
People shared their frustrations about dog owners not cleaning up after their pets. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

People sympathise with child's dog poo fury

On Reddit, people sympathised with the kid.

“What I hate even more is people picking up their dog's poo, putting it into a plastic bag and then tossing said bag into the hedge row or hanging it on trees,” one man wrote..

“At this point I prefer you flick it to the side. It's less environmentally harmful.”

Another added they can’t let their toddler play in a nearby park because local dog owners won’t clean up after themselves.

“I can't let my three-year old son play on the grass by our house it is that bad,” they wrote.

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