Nine ways Vic can avoid Bourke St repeat

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* One - Victoria Police and the Department of Justice and Community Safety look into whether police-issued body-worn cameras are used to record out-of-session bail and remand hearings.

* Two - Victoria Police reviews training and supervision of members involved in bail and remand proceedings to improve their skills and knowledge.

* Three - Victoria Police develops policies and procedures around notifications at a police station when people fail to report on bail

* Four - Victoria Police reviews its training, policies and procedures on bail and remand for high-risk recidivist offenders, to ensure timely risk analysis and stop further offending.

* Five - Victoria Police reviews roles, responsibilities and co-ordination between the criminal investigation units and other supervisory units, to eliminate confusion and ambiguities around operational command.

* Six - Victoria Police reviews policies, procedures and training around how it manages critical incidents and the effective use of police communications.

* Seven - Victoria Police reviews its criminal investigator and investigator management training programs to include a curriculum on risk evaluation, transition to incident management, and critical incidents. It should include "immersive, interactive training" for critical incidents.

* Eight - Victoria Police Professional Development Command develops appropriate training for hostile vehicles and vehicle-borne attacks - including simulation training.

* Nine - Victoria Police Professional Development Command incorporates regular annual or biennial refresher training on its hostile vehicle policy manual and on vehicle-borne attacks.