Nine charged with murder over stabbing death of woman

A group of nine people accused of the stabbing death of a woman in Toowoomba earlier this month have been charged with murder.

Debbie Combarngo, 37, had been visiting a Wilsonton unit when she was stabbed in the chest in an alleged group attack on May 6.

Ms Combarngo was transported to hospital but later died from her injuries.

Nine people – six women and three men aged between 23 and 34 – were initially charged with two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, and one count each of entering a dwelling with intent in company.

Nine people have been accused of stabbing a woman to death in Toowoomba have been charged with murder. Source: Sunrise

On Thursday police announced in addition to those charges all of the group will be charged with murder.

The nine are all expected to face Toowoomba Magistrates Court on Thursday afternoon.

Detectives investigating the crime have already said they don’t believe Ms Combarngo’s death is linked to the unexpected death of relative Michael Hall last month.

“(His death has) no real role in the investigation into the death of the victim in this situation,” Detective Inspector Lew Strohfeldt told reporters earlier this month.

“There’s no direct issue there.”