Nile petitions against NSW abortion bill

Christian Democrat Fred Nile has launched a petition urging the NSW legislative council to oppose a bill that would decriminalise abortion in the state.

The upper house MP began circulating the petition on Monday, saying he wanted to raise public awareness and stop the "extreme" Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019.

The private member's bill, which is due to be debated in the lower house on Tuesday, allows for terminations up to 22 weeks.

It also allows for later abortions if two doctors "consider that, in all the circumstances, the termination should be performed".

It was introduced last week by independent MP Alex Greenwich, who said it was time for the parliament to come together to ensure women and their doctors were protected under the law.

The bill has sparked fierce opposition from pro-life and religious groups who have planned a vigil outside NSW Parliament House, which is expected to run from Monday into Tuesday.

Pro-choice activists also plan to rally on Tuesday morning before the debate begins.