'Why would someone spike you': Club slammed over response to teen's drink-spiking complaint

A nightclub that appeared to mock a teenage girl who reported that her drink was spiked has faced a harsh backlash after images of the conversation were shared online.

Social media anger has been levelled at Rapture Nightclub, in inner Perth’s clubbing precinct Northbridge, after it seemed to respond to 19-year-old Shantel Smith’s complaint by questioning why somebody would want to drug her.

Fury was sparked after the teen shared a screenshot of the club’s reply to her Instagram account, in which it requested proof of her drink being spiked asking: “Why would anyone want to spike your drink”.

The message also argued: “no one would be stupid enough to waste their drugs on spiking anyone’s drink”.

In her message to the club Ms Smith had explained how she was not intoxicated when she arrived at the establishment Saturday night, however, was rendered unconscious for more than two hours after buying just one drink.

The business seemed to mock Ms Smith in its response to her feedback. Source: Instagram/shantelsmithh

She claimed she didn’t see any bouncers inside the venue on the night, and suggested the club consider increasing its security to avoid something similar happening in future.

But it was the club’s response which caused an outcry.

“What proof do you have of your drink being spiked? Why would anyone want to spike your drink? Did you attend a hospital and have your stomach pumped for evidence? Is this something you and your friends experience regularly?,” the message read.

“Would you like a crowd controller to hold your drink for the next time to attend a nightclub? Do you think ten crowd controllers would be able to stop you having your drink spiked? Are you worth someone trying to spike your drink?

Ms Smith claimed she was unconscious after buying one drink at the club. Source: Instagram/shantelsmithh

“We think this is a beat up and we believe that no one would be stupid enough to waste their drugs on spiking anyone’s drink.”

Thousands have since rallied around Ms Smith in her support, and many have expressed their disapproval of both the business’s handling of the situation and its attitude towards date rape drugs in reviews and posts to its Facebook page.

Nearly 7000 people have also signed a Change.org petition calling on the venue to be closed and replaced with either a homeless shelter or women’s refuge.

“We live in 2019, a time when violence against women, including sexual assault, is at epidemic proportions. To create change, we have to stand up for women and give them respect,” the petition states.

“Misogyny, victim blaming and shaming cannot go unnoticed and it cannot be tolerated.”

Yahoo News Australia has contacted the nightclub for comment on the matter.

A spokesman for WA Police said the incident was not reported to them.

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