Eagles somehow eke out 21-18 win vs. Panthers despite uninspiring play

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When you're the Philadelphia Eagles and your level of play has hovered somewhere between mediocre and bad this season, your best hope for a win is to face a team that's playing at or below that level. 

The Eagles faced one such team on Sunday, defeating the Carolina Panthers 21-18 in a game that had fans of both teams raving about how irredeemably bad it was. 

And not just the game. Fans had issues with everything. 

That's a lot of hyperbole, but it's not entirely unwarranted. Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was awful to start the game, and ended 22-for-37 on completions with 198 yards and one interception. Panthers QB Sam Darnold wasn't any better: 21-for-37, 177 yards, one touchdown and three (!!) interceptions. 

One Eagles play from the second quarter pretty much sums up the game, but especially the Eagles' offense.

The only positive thing about that ridiculous play is that it was a safety instead of a Panthers TD, so the Eagles didn't get the full force of the universe laughing in their face. 

The Panthers led 15-6 at halftime, with the Eagles looking lost and the Panthers unable to capitalize on the numerous mistakes the Eagles kept laying at their feet. It didn't get better in the second half, with the third quarter looking like an absolute mess. The Panthers started with the ball, and here's how it went: punt, fumble, punt, interception, interception, punt, punt, Eagles TD, Panthers field goal. It's no wonder that fans were saying this was one of the worst NFL games they'd ever seen. 

And despite all that, the Eagles managed to pull it off. In the waning minutes of the game, they managed to push through and get the touchdown they needed to move ahead, and Hurts ran in the ball for a two-point conversion. Darnold's third interception of the day sealed the win, but is either team really a winner in this case? It's the NFL, so one team had to win, but the Eagles shouldn't do too much celebrating considering how they played. And the Panthers get to spend the next week wondering how they managed to lose to the Eagles. 

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