Patrick Mahomes: Injured toe 'feeling great,' ready to 'start from scratch' to get back to Super Bowl

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Patrick Mahomes' injured toe was a big deal as the Kansas City Chiefs headed into their second straight Super Bowl earlier this year, but according to him, it's no longer an issue.

The star QB, who had surgery in February to fix a torn plantar plate in his foot, told "NFL Total Access" on Thursday that he's good to go for training camp.

Mahomes ready to get back to the Super Bowl

"The toe's feeling great," Mahomes said during an interview with NFL Network's Patrick Claybon. "I'm out here playing golf, being able to walk around the course. I've been running, cutting, jumping, throwing, doing it all. So I'm just excited to get back to training camp and have another chance to make a run at it and win the Super Bowl this year."

Hearing Mahomes say that he's healthy is comforting, even if it's not a surprise. He told the media during OTAs in May that he could "do the things that I needed," and participated in the team's mandatory minicamp in June. He has been out of his walking boot since the spring.

Offseason hasn't been much different for Mahomes

Despite losing in the Super Bowl in February, Mahomes told "NFL Total Access" his offseason hasn't been too different than it was the year before when he and the Chiefs won — with a few notable exceptions.

"It's different in the sense that you don't have the parades and all that different type of stuff," he noted. "But I think the beautiful thing about the NFL is every single year, you start from scratch. You have to come in, you have to put in the work to try to get to the big game and try to win it. And so for us, win or lose that Super Bowl the last two years, we still have that same mentality of we're going to start from scratch and build and try to find a way to get back to that game."

Not every athlete has that mentality. Some use the previous season's losses to fuel them to do better. But Mahomes loves that he gets a clean slate at the start of every season. He can wipe away last season and focus only on what's in front of him: helping his team get back to the Super Bowl.

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