Newspaper headlines: Water bosses a 'disgrace' and Easter honours 'row'

i newspaper
Thames Water customers could see their bills rise by 40% by 2030, the company's bosses have warned, because of its high levels of debt. The i reports the firm's financial woes have raised the prospect of the government taking it into public ownership at a cost to the taxpayer in the billions. [BBC]
Thames Water investors have refused to put in an extra £500m to fund investment, leaving it in desperate need of extra cash, the Times reports. The company is Britain's largest water provider and services 15 million homes. Its executives have been criticised by figures from across the political spectrum. [BBC]
Daily Express
The front page of the Daily Express quotes Communities Secretary Michael Gove, who branded Thames Water's leadership a "disgrace". He also said the company's leaders must "carry the can" for the dire financial straits it is in rather than seeking a public bailout. [BBC]
Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph's front page reports on Rishi Sunak's unusual decision to issue an Easter honours list, which includes major Conservative Party donor Mohamed Mansour, four Tory MPs and film director Christopher Nolan. The paper says the unexpected move has added to speculation Downing Street could be considering a summer general election. [BBC]
Daily Mail
Angela Rayner is "on the ropes", according to Daily Mail, which dedicates its front page to questions around the Labour Party deputy leader's tax affairs. Police are set to reassess the claims, having previously decided no investigation was necessary. Ms Rayner denies underpaying tax on a property she sold before becoming an MP. [BBC]
Daily Mirror
A government report is set to recommend "tough new rules" to improve security at entertainment venues, according to the Daily Mirror. It says the regulations have been inspired by the mother of Manchester Arena bombing victim Martyn Hett. [BBC]
Famine in Gaza is "setting in", the Guardian reports. It quotes from a new United Nations report which warns levels of hunger and starvation are rising in the Strip. It adds to international pressure on Israel to ensure enough aid is able to reach people in Gaza. [BBC]
Financial Times
Big business takeovers are back with a bang, according to the Financial Times. It reports on new London Stock Exchange data showing 11 deals worth a collective £170bn were completed in the first quarter of 2024, following a period in which there was an "exceptionally low level" of high profile mergers and acquisitions. [BBC]
Daily Star
And finally, bad news for anyone who was still holding out hope for good weather this Bank Holiday weekend. A weather system dubbed Storm Nelson by Spanish forecasters is set to bring some distinctly wintry weather to the UK, the Daily Star reports. [BBC]
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