Newspaper headlines: Shapps' war on 'woke' Army and King's wave of hope

The headline on the Daily Express reads: Shapps: Woke culture is poisoning common sense
Leading Monday's Daily Express is the defence secretary's warning over a "poisonous" "woke culture" he says is threatening to distract the British Army from protecting the country. Also on page one of the Express is the vigil to mark the first anniversary of teenager Brianna Ghey's murder and a story about mobile coverage in rural areas
The headline in the Daily Telegraph reads: Shapps: Woke extremists are rife in Army
The Daily Telegraph also leads with Grant Shapp's warning over "woke" culture in the Army, reporting that on Monday he will launch a review into its diversity policies. The paper also features an image of Nicole Scherzinger, who won Best Performer in a Musical at the WhatsOnStage Awards on Sunday night
The headline in the Times reads: Bonus ban for water bosses who break rules
Scherzinger's win also takes centre stage in the Times, alongside a report about water company bosses being barred from receiving bonuses if the company is found to commit criminal acts of pollution
The headline in the Sun reads: King's wave of hope
A wave from the King leads the Sun this Monday, snapped as he stepped out to attend church. It was his first outing since his cancer diagnosis was announced last week. The tonking of West Ham by Arsenal on Sunday in the Premier League also features on the front page, accompanied by a photo of Bukayo Saka celebrating one of his two goals
The headline on the Daily Mirror reads: My new life
The Arsenal victory is on the front page of the Daily Mirror, too, but top billed is an interview with Alex Batty. The teenager was abducted six years ago and in December was found in rural France, having abandoned the an -the-grid lifestyle pursued by his mother and grandfather. "It feels good to be back at home," the teenager is quoted as saying
The headline on the Guardian reads: Overseas students in push to clear names over English test 'cheating'
The Guardian leads with a report into international students of UK universities seeking to clear their names after more than 35,000 were accused of cheating, leading to some being expelled and deported. The paper says thousands of former students maintain their innocence and more than 3,600 have won appeals against the Home Office
The headline on the Financial Times reads: Trump opens 11-point poll lead over Biden on stewardship of US economy
An image of aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales is on the front page of the FT, accompanying a report about the ship being delayed from attending Nato exercises. A report on US election polling asks which camp's front runner - Joe Biden or Donald Trump - is more trusted with the country's economy. With an 11-point lead, respondents chose Mr Trump.
The headline on the Metro reads: Biden vs Trump in war of words 'unhinged'
Also reporting on the US election is the Metro, which writes that a battle has erupted between Mr Trump and Mr Biden over the former's comments that suggested he would "encourage Russia to invade its neighbours if they hadn't paid their share of Nato's budget". Biden's office has labelled the comments "unhinged", the paper reports.
The headline on the Daily Mail reads: So, has Labour really changed?
A secret recording of a Labour candidate's opinion of Israel's war in Gaza prompts the Daily Mail's cover story, which reports critics of the party question its stance on anti-Semitism. Emilia Fox, star of BBC drama Silent Witness also takes the front page with a story into her on-screen fashion.
The headline on the i reads: Hunt braced for double budget blow this week
The i leads with predicted blows for the government's budget, which is due in three weeks' time. The paper also reports concerns for under-privileged school pupils as a tutoring scheme brought in during Covid faces its end, and an op-ed about the sex lives of the French.

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