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Newspaper headlines: Brits 'trapped in hell' and the troops hunting Hamas

Sunday Times
"We find a tunnel we blow it up" is the Sunday Times headline as it follows an Israeli brigade as it makes its way through Gaza City fighting Hamas. Away from the Middle East, the paper reports on Kenyan police flying to the UK to quiz British soldiers over the murder of a young mother, Agnes Wanjiru, in 2012.
Sunday People
"Brits trapped in hell" is the headline on the Sunday People which says 112 UK citizens cannot get out of Gaza with the "escape route blocked by tanks".
Sunday Express
The Sunday Express quotes a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor who says pro-Palestinian marches have left him fearing for his life for the first time since fleeing the Nazis. He said a "brewing hatred which has infected swathes of the country" had reminded him of the persecution he faced during his childhood in Germany.
Sunday Telegraph
The Sunday Telegraph reports that an adviser to the Metropolitan Police was filmed leading chants of "From the River to the sea" at pro-Palestinian rally in 2021. It notes the government has said the slogan is "deeply offensive" to many as it could be seen as an "expression of a violent desire to see Israel erased ".
Mail on Sunday
Sunday Mirror
The Sunday Mirror reports that comedian Russell Brand has made up to £350,000 from video views on website Rumble since an allegation of rape was made against him in September. Brand has denied the claims and said his relationships have always been consensual.
Sun on Sunday
The Sun on Sunday reports on the fury of a victim at the recreation of the 7/7 bombings for a Disney television programme. The scenes were filmed in London where the attacks took place in 2005, the paper says, and survivor Daniel Biddle called it "pretty sick".
Daily Star on Sunday
"The Lamb Shank Redemption" is the headline for the Daily Star on Sunday as it says Britain's loneliest sheep has been rescued after at least two years stranded up a cliff face. The paper describes it as the "greatest resc-ewe baaa none".

The Mail on Sunday claims that Labour left-wing MPs are planning to defy Sir Keir Starmer - and force a Commons vote on a ceasefire in Gaza.

The paper says rebels are poised to appeal to the Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle to allow a vote, or a debate at the least.

Writing in the Observer, the shadow foreign secretary David Lammy says the siege conditions in Gaza are "unacceptable". Mr Lammy, who visited the region last week, called for an immediate humanitarian pause to the fighting - marking the party's strongest intervention yet.

Smoke rises amid damaged buildings in the Gaza Strip
David Lammy made Labour's strongest intervention yet on the Israel-Gaza conflict by calling for a humanitarian pause in the fighting

A 93-year-old Holocaust survivor has told the Sunday Express pro-Palestinian marches in the UK have left him fearing for his life. He says he has been forced into hiding in Britain, and that he never thought he would see what he calls "this darkness return".

The Observer reports that the government is considering broadening the definition of extremism. The paper says it has seen documents proposing that anyone who "undermines" the UK's institutions and values will be branded an extremist. A government spokesperson said its approach to tackling extremism was under review.

Kenyan detectives have flown to the UK to question British soldiers about the unsolved murder of a young mother, according to the Sunday Times. Agnes Wanjiru was found dead at a hotel near an Army base in 2012. The paper says a murder investigation will now take place after the UK was given assurances that any British soldier extradited for murder would not be executed.

The Sunday Telegraph says that Labour is considering a "robot tax" which would target firms which sack staff and replace them with artificial intelligence. The paper claims the idea was raised by the shadow minister for technology and digital economy, Alex Davies-Jones. A Labour spokesman said it had no plans to tax businesses for using AI.

The Sunday Mirror claims that Russell Brand has made up to £350,000 from his online videos since he was accused of rape, which he strongly denies. The comedian has been blocked from making money from adverts on YouTube, but he has continued to monetise videos on its rival Rumble.

Disney has been criticised for recreating the 7/7 bombings in London for a TV drama, according to the front page of the Sun on Sunday. Scenes were filmed where a bus was blown apart in the attacks which left 56 people dead in July 2005.

A survivor, who lost both his legs, described the movie set as "absolutely shameful". In a statement to the paper, Disney said in-depth research had been carried out to approach the filming with the "utmost sensitivity".

Madonna is among those rumoured to be headlining Glastonbury next year

And the Mail on Sunday claims that Madonna, Dua Lipa and Coldplay will headline next year's Glastonbury.

The paper says Madonna will make her festival debut by closing the event on the Sunday night. It would be the first time two female artists have headlined in Glastonbury's history.

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