Ute driver's 'entitled' manoeuvre to pass cyclist divides Aussies

A cycling advocacy group has weighed in, and say they've put all the arguments to bed.

A ute driver's "entitled" manoeuvre along a busy road has bitterly divided Aussies, with some claiming the motorist's "impatience" could've resulted in a deadly accident, while others firmly stand behind the act.

Dashcam footage taken at Perth's Helena Valley shows a driver head safely along Ridge Hill Road, carefully avoiding cyclists while travelling northward. The vehicle recording the footage can be seen gently overtaking one cyclist, before a second appears.

The driver then patiently waits behind the second cyclist for an appropriate time to overtake again.

The ute driver's act has bitterly divided Aussies online, but one expert has provided clarity over the legality of the move. Source: Facebook.
The ute driver's act has bitterly divided Aussies online, but one expert has provided clarity over the legality of the move. Source: Facebook.

After approximately a minute passes, an incoming truck can be seen barrelling down the road in the opposite direction. Merely seconds after, a third vehicle — a white utility — crosses double unbroken lines to overtake both the first driver and the second cyclist.

Dashcam driver accused of missing opportunity to overtake

The video has gained significant traction online, with the reaction to the utility driver's manoeuvre completely mixed, with a wave of arguments on both sides.

"The person had heaps of time to go around them, I usually ride in the bike lane and when there are cars I give 'em plenty of space to pass, or sometimes I go on the footpath if there is one and no one on it," one man wrote in response to the video, defending the ute.

"Bikes shouldn't be allowed on roads that aren't built to accommodate bikes," another added. "Dash cam driver had plenty of opportunities to go around," said a third.

While others defended the dashcam driver, with one person branding the ute driver as "entitled".

"Nice to see drivers having patience with bikes, the cyclists kept well over," one person said. "That was so dangerous, crossing over on a double white line. Putting everyone's life in danger," another wrote.

Cycling advocacy group blasts ute driver over illegal stunt

While many online had varying views, Edward Hore, President of the Australian Cycling Alliance, said the driver of the ute was "absolutely in the wrong".

"So by passing the cyclist, he did not break the law. But he did break the law by passing the truck, because of the double white lines," Mr Hore told Yahoo News Australia. "I applaud the truck driver (the dashcam owner), absolutely. Kudos to that truck driver, he is a legend and he needs to be celebrated. He was very aware of what was happening and where he was on the road."

Mr Hore added the driver of the utility should "reconsider" whether they are qualified to hold a license.

"He broke the law in an incredibly dangerous way," he said. "That could have resulted in the death of him, the cyclist, and an oncoming car. The truck driver would have been fine."

Under WA's road rules, drivers must "not cross these lines to overtake" but they can "cross them to turn right at an intersection", or when coming from or going on to a property or different road. The offence can result in a $150 fine and three demerit points.

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