Quiz on overtaking law stumps motorists – do you know the rule?

A road rule quiz has exposed Australian drivers for not knowing the law when it comes to overtaking on a two-way street.

The Facebook page for the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) asked its followers on Wednesday a true or false question about overtaking on a broken line.

Referring to a graphic of a blue car in the left lane behind a yellow car, the RACQ asked its followers if they thought the yellow car was allowed to accelerate while being overtaken.

“It is illegal for the yellow vehicle to increase its speed whilst being overtaken,” RACQ wrote in its post.

Hundreds of social media users weighed in with their opinions on the topic, with many admitting they were unsure of the rule.

An RACQ Facebook quiz shows a graphic of a blue car overtaking a yellow car to highlight a rule. Source: Facebook/RACQ
The RACQ asked if the yellow car can accelerate while the blue car is overtaking. Source: Facebook/RACQ

“You can increase your speed as long as it doesn't exceed speed limit. Unless you're overtaking a road train,” someone thought.

Another admitted it was frustrating being a driver doing the speed limit, only for someone to zoom past and overtake, seemingly for no reason.

Plenty of social media users agreed saying they were unaware of the law.

“Can't say I have ever seen a law about it, but it makes sense that it is a stupid and dangerous thing to do,” one person said.

The RACQ confirmed the overtaking rule for its followers.

“When a driver is overtaking by crossing the centre line and/or driving on the opposite side of the road, the driver being overtaken (yellow vehicle in example) must not increase speed until the overtaking driver has passed, returned to the marked lane or line of traffic and is a sufficient distance in front to avoid a collision,” the RACQ clarified in a comment beneath the post.

RACQ confirmed the same law applied to every state of Australia.

Earlier this week drivers were puzzled by a crash at a confusing Sydney roundabout, leaving road users wondering who was at fault.

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