Probe into cop shooting after knife attack

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A man who chased a tourist before stabbing him in the back retrieved a bigger knife from his car after the first one broke, a Coroners Court has been told.

Ikram Bahram was shot dead by police after running at an officer with the bigger weapon, a pre-inquest conference was told on Monday.

The death of the 24-year-old - who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and was receiving treatment at the time he died - will be the subject of an inquest in Brisbane early next year.

Bahram parked his car in Brisbane city after leaving his home in Munruben, south of Brisbane, about 9am on February 23, 2020.

He pulled the knife from a backpack in Mary Street, running at, then chasing, the English tourist walking with his partner, counsel assisting Rhiannon Helsen said.

"When they reached Edwards Street, Ikram attacked the tourist with a knife stabbing him in the back and punching him in the face before he was able to escape," she added.

The knife broke during the attack.

Bahram retrieved a larger one from his car, returning to Mary Street where he was spotted by police responding to the incident.

Ms Helsen said body-worn camera footage shows Bahram running at an officer with the knife in his right hand.

"As the officer moves away in an attempt to withdraw and place some distance between himself and Ikram, he calls for him to drop the knife," she added.

"When Ikram does not comply and continues to run towards the officer, a string of shots were fired hitting him."

Bahram died at the scene.

A police investigation found officers had complied with policy and procedure.

Ms Helsen said the inquest would consider the circumstances leading up to Bahram's shooting, including his mental health treatment, whether the officers involved acting appropriately and whether their training was sufficient.

It is expected to be held over three days in January before coroner Terry Ryan.

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