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Airport bar's 'absurd' receipt sparks outrage: 'The worst'

(Source: Reddit/ u/ihavethebestmarriage
(Source: Reddit/ u/ihavethebestmarriage

While millions of Aussies are in despair over extortionate prices during a daunting cost-of-living crisis, it seems inflation has reached a whole new level overseas.

A photo of a customer's receipt at an airport bar in Detroit, US, from Monday has sparked disbelief on Reddit after it shows the patron was charged an eye-watering $25.44 (A$35.44) after tax for their drink.

The photo shows the customer paid $14 (A$19.90) for a shot of vodka and $5 (A$7.10) for Red Bull, as well as a $5 'rocks' charge.

And while it's unclear if the bill is simply a result of the infamous prices airports charge or the repercussions of an 8.5 per cent inflation rate in the US, it's fair to say people were not impressed.

One user called the drink's price "highway robbery".

"Better be laced with flakes of gold for that price," they said.

"Airport bars are the worst," another wrote.

"Ridiculous," one said.

"That pricing is absurd," another commented.

'Rocks' charge clarified

And while many, including the user who shared the photo, believed the 'rocks' charge was simply for ice in the drink, several bartenders explained it was a way bars in the US tilled up a larger pour of alcohol without charging for a second shot.

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Yet the original poster said they simply ordered the drink in a tall glass, with no request for extra alcohol.

"If all you asked for was a tall drink the bartender was padding the tab in my opinion. That's the thing about airport bars. They don't have to care about repeat business," one person guessed.

Wild airport prices can be found in Australia too. A Sydney airport shop previously caused outrage after it was charging $19 for a jar of Vegemite.

And when it comes to confusing price details, a Sydney sandwich shop was recently outed for charging 20c for simply cutting a customer's roll in two.

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