News anchor breaks silence after erratic broadcast: 'Train wreck'

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A TV news anchor who was suspended after appearing dishevelled and stumbling through a broadcast has opened up about what went wrong.

Heather Kovar, a reporter for CBS’s WRGB in upstate New York, left viewers in shock on Saturday after delivering the erratic update.

She appeared to slur her words while speaking off script and jumping from one story to another.

During the bulletin, Ms Kovar spoke about a heatwave sweeping the US.

TV news anchor Heather Kovar during the broadcast.
TV news anchor Heather Kovar was suspended after the broadcast and has resigned. Source: WRGB

“I mean, let me tell you about that, these areas are reaching such areas, I mean, its Houston, Austin, San Antonio. I mean, they’re not expected, it has happened,” she rambled.

“You don’t need us telling you that its bad, like people are being told to like stay inside and drink a lot of water and we’re just lucky. This weekend, right here, is so amazing,” she continued before appearing to be interrupted.

After referring to the wrong meteorologist, Ms Kovar then asked, “why did I say that?” before telling viewers that both she and the weatherman were working double shifts.

“Moving on, tonight is, we have to tell you, you know, like other news that’s happening in the area and across the, you know, the area and the nation,” she says later in the bulletin.

“Like, I was telling you this morning, if you watched us this morning starting at 6am, 7am, I told you, you know what? Today, what a beautiful day outside! It is just amazing. And so, a great time for outdoor music.”

In the wake of the incident, the station confirmed that Ms Kovar had been suspended, pending further investigation, local media reports.

She was later replaced for her Sunday shifts.

News anchor addresses 'train wreck' broadcast

The New York news reader, who had been with the station for five years, has since come forward to offer an explanation for the “train wreck” broadcast.

In a statement, which she shared with NBC News on Monday, she blamed exhaustion after a family tragedy, before confirming that she would be leaving the station.

“I recently returned early from family leave following my dad’s death,” she said.

“Saturday I was scheduled to work the early morning 6am show as well as the evening. I was sleep deprived and exhausted.”

However, she claims she told WRGB she would be leaving the day before the eyebrow-raising broadcast.

“On Friday, I notified the station I would not be renewing my contract which expires July 31st,” she said.

Ahead of the doomed broadcast, Ms Kovar had tweeted that she would be working a double shift from 6am to 8am and then from 6pm to 11pm, before a similar line up on Sunday.

Ms Kovar had been caring for her father in Texas before he died, according to the Times Union.

In May, she revealed that WRGB had “graciously allowed” her to take time off to be with relatives before her dad passed away later that month.

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