Newlywed's horrific injuries after shower door explodes during dream honeymoon

A newlywed couple’s dream honeymoon was ruined when a hotel shower door shattered, leaving the husband knocked unconscious and severely cut from the shards of glass.

British couple Sarah and Scot Field were on holiday in Monastir, Tunisia, with their four young children last October when Mr Field was knocked out by the exploding shower door at their hotel while he was in the bathroom on the penultimate day of their trip.

The father needed extensive hospital care including an operation and stitches for a deep gash, The Sun reports.

Blood and glass could be seen across the bathroom floor following the incident. Source: Sarah Field

Ms Field took to Facebook this week to complain to travel agency Thomas Cook after her complaints to the hotel’s customer service department went unanswered.

“[My husband] lost consciousness, had two fits and had to be taken to hospital to have all the glass removed from his body and an operation on his wrist to remove a particularly deep shard,” she wrote.

Shocking images shared by Ms Field show the multiple injuries her husband sustained.

Mr Field suffered a series of cuts across his body. Source: Sarah Field

According to Ms Field, their horrifying experience was only worsened by the hotel’s response to the incident.

Ms Field claims the hotel told other guests her partner was to blame for the incident and had been drinking prior to the accident, despite not touching alcohol that day.

“To add insult to injury when we checked out we were asked to pay for the shower screen. This was our honeymoon! An absolute disaster,” she said.

The couple’s honeymoon was ruined by the incident. Source: Sarah Field
Bins full of glass following the clean up. Source: Sarah Field

Ms Field added her children were left “traumatised” by the experience.

The family shelled out $5500 for the holiday but were left further frustrated when Thomas Cook initially failed to respond to their complaints.

“Thomas Cook hasn’t even had the decency to contact us or apologise! I’ve contacted you by phone, by email, by chat. Nothing seems to incur a response,” Ms Field wrote on Thomas Cook’s Facebook page.

Thomas Cook now say they will address the incident months after. Source: Sarah Field

Following her Facebook post, a customer service member messaged Ms Field online to escalate the matter.

A Thomas Cook spokesperson told The Sun they take the safety of customers seriously and they are now looking to resolve the matter.

Yahoo News has contacted Thomas Cook for comment.