'We were screaming at him': Naked newlyweds chase thief down street

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A newlywed couple who were enjoying an afternoon of each other’s company were rudely interrupted on Saturday by a would-be thief sneaking into their home through the open backdoor.

When Sandra Scott crept out of the bedroom to investigate about 3pm, she noticed a man making off with keys to her car, which was parked at the front of their home in Coolum, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

She yelled out to her husband Jim Rice for help, and before they knew it they were shouting at “a rather big bloke in the driver’s seat”, all while both completely naked.

Pictured are Jim and Sandra Rice in the back of their car on their wedding day.
The couple had no choice but to sprint after the thief while both stark naked. Source: Supplied

Mr Rice said they ran “around in circles looking for clothes” for about 10 seconds before giving up and making a run for the front of the house to stop the burglar from stealing their car.

“We ran out the front door, the car was parked in front of the house in the driveway. I opened the door and discovered a rather big bloke was in the driver’s seat,” he told Yahoo News Australia.

“We just started screaming at him as loudly as we could non-stop to get out. He told us to ‘shhh’ and we stopped and thought ‘huh? What are we doing?’ And resumed screaming.”

Mr Rice said the man then had the nerve to ask the couple if they could give him a lift, which they sternly refused before demanding the keys to the car back.

Pictured are Sandra and Jim Rice in front of an Auction sign.
Sandra and Jim had a less traditional introduction to their neighbours. Source: Supplied

“He gave the car keys back and we asked if he’d taken anything else and he said he hadn’t,” Mr Rice said.

The couple had gone from a “complete state of relaxation to unbelievable chaos in seconds”, Mr Rice said, adding he was grateful the incident didn’t unfold 10 minutes earlier.

Fortunately they have been able to see the funny side of their experience, having now met their neighbours properly after six months of living across the road.

The couple reported the man to police, who they said were “on the scene pretty quickly”.

They were “pretty rattled” by the experience, and said they would now be keeping the backdoor locked during day.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Queensland Police for comment.

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