Newly installed beach huts damaged by Storm Nelson

Damaged beach huts
A number of beach huts in Seaton were damaged by Storm Nelson on Thursday [BBC]

Newly installed beach huts in a Devon resort have been damaged after Storm Nelson battered the South West.

East Devon District Council said it had contacted all hut tenants, on West Walk, Seaton, affected.

Seaton Fire Station issued a warning at about 21:00 GMT on Thursday advising people to not "take any risks along the seafront".

About 80 huts line the seafront and many of them were left damaged or destroyed.

Destroyed beach huts in Seaton
East Devon District Council said the beach huts had only just been installed in Seaton [BBC]

Nino and Terry Kay said their hut had been damaged beyond repair. They said they had been "looking forward" to their first summer using the shelter.

Mr Kay said: "We will have to buy a new beach hut. That is the only way around it."

Mrs Kay said she was relieved nobody was hurt.

She said: "The power of the sea. I know it's devastation but that can be fixed."

The council said: "Due to climate change, and the increasing uncertainties of unseasonal storms, the positions and erection dates for beach huts will be reviewed," the council said.

"We will continue to work closely with our tenants to ensure they can enjoy them for as long as possible every year.”

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