Newest citizens bring roll-call of talents

One of Australia's newest citizens hopes to use her expertise as an ecologist to protect the nation's native animals.

Born in Mexico, Nashieli Garcia Alaniz was one of more than 19,000 people from 140 countries to make their citizenship pledge on Australia Day.

Citizenship ceremonies across the country hold extra significance on January 26, with a flagship ceremony in Canberra overseen by the prime minister and governor-general.

Ms Garcia Alaniz admitted she was slightly overwhelmed by all the dignitaries at the event, but receiving her citizenship certificate from Anthony Albanese was very special.

"I feel honoured that a country like Australia opens it's doors to welcome someone like me and people from all over the world," she told AAP.

"I'm super happy that I can participate in the country on a different level now and I can't wait to contribute to help protect this environment."

Specialising in mammals, Ms Garcia Alaniz has already put her expertise to use in Australia by helping with the conservation of the brush-tailed rock-wallaby, an endangered species.

Of the 23 new citizens conferred at the Canberra ceremony, there were disability and community support workers, two astrologists, a pharmacist, accountant and environmental research scientist.

Mr Albanese welcomed everyone taking part in ceremonies across the nation and said they each brought a "roll-call of skills" Australia needed.

"You bring us the world, and you bring us your drive, your passion, your talent and aspiration," he said.

"I want you to know that you are now becoming citizens of a country where no matter where you live or who you worship, no matter who you love or what your last name is, you can write your own future."