New Zealand man has cockroach pulled from ear after three days

A man from New Zealand had a cockroach pulled from his ear after thinking it was just blocked from swimming.

Greenpeace worker Zane Wedding, 40, went for a swim at his local pool in Auckland last week and came home with the feeling his ear was blocked.

He told CNN he put some drops in his ear and fell asleep on the couch, but the next morning his ear was still blocked.

So irritated by the sensation of the blocked ear, he went to the doctors before it even opened and waited.

Pictured is Zane Wedding, the man from New Zealand, who had a cockroach in his ear.
Zane Wedding thought water had blocked his ear, but it turned out to be a cockroach. Source: Facebook

The doctor told Mr Wedding he might have blocked water up there, so he suggested getting a blowdryer to dry it out.

He then spent the rest of the weekend blasting his ear with a hairdryer or lying on his side. He chewed gum and used ear candles, but nothing worked.

Mr Wedding told CNN he would even get dizzy as soon as he stood up and could hear water moving around in his ear.

No matter what he did, nothing could get the "water" out, and even when the wriggling sensation stopped, his ear was still blocked.

So he booked in to see a specialist on Monday.

The specialist took one look inside Mr Wedding's ear and said he believed there was an insect inside.

Sure enough, it was a cockroach.

Pictured is the cockroach found in Zane Wedding's ear.
After getting a second opinion, it was discovered a cockroach had found its way into Mr Wedding's ear. Source: CNN via Facebook

"In that moment I realised every movement I'd felt over the weekend was the cockroach moving around in my ear," Mr Wedding told CNN.

"I instantly thought of the fact I had just been pumping hot air into my head and cooking a cockroach in my ear canal all weekend. It made me feel sick."

The doctor was able to remove the cockroach from Mr Wedding's ear and he said he had instant relief once the now-dead bug had been extracted.

"Once I knew it was a bug it all clicked together... That's why the water would move even when I was still. It was a cockroach moving in my head," he said.

Mr Wedding told the New Zealand Herald the one positive to come out of the disturbing ordeal was his story serves as an important message to seek a second medical opinion if you know something isn't right.

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