New website to help budding artists sell music

Roscoe Whalan, 7News Adelaide

New website to help budding artists sell music

A group of Adelaide computer buffs is hoping to strike a chord with budding musicians with a website it has created a website to rival iTunes.

It is not easy for small bands to make a name for themselves, but developers are hoping Kicktone will help them burst onto the main stage.

Following its launch tomorrow, the new Adelaide program will give more than 600 bands a global platform to share their music.

“We’ve got bands from America, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana of all places, so we’ve got bands across the world,” developer Cameron Bocam said.

Founder Savvas Dimitriou said it will give unsigned artists a springboard onto bigger things.

“We get the music up online, fans can stream it for free, so we’re exposing music to as many people as possible and in doing that, people can fall in love with music and then choose to purchase it,” he said.

Developers are hoping it will appeal to lesser-known bands trying to compete against major record labels.

“If you’re in a band and you’ve got music up on Spotify, you’ve got to get streamed maybe two, three hundred thousand times a month just to make minimum wage, and if you’re in an indie band, that’s never going to happen,” Mr Dimitriou said.