New theory emerges in case of missing Sydney businesswoman Melissa Caddick

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There is a new theory surrounding the disappearance of a missing Sydney businesswoman months after her disappearance, as she stands accused of stealing millions of dollars from investors.

Sydney financial advisor Melissa Caddick, 49, hasn’t been seen since she left her home in Dover Heights for a run on the morning of November 12.

While the notion of foul play had previously surfaced, police believe Ms Caddick is still alive and could have fled interstate.

“It is not beyond the realms of possibility that she is in Queensland,” a police source told The Daily Telegraph.

Melissa Caddick, pictured with husband Anthony Koletti.
Missing woman Melissa Caddick, pictured with husband Anthony Koletti. Source: Facebook

The source also said police are re-investigating the time Ms Caddick supposedly left her house, as the current timeframe rests solely on her son’s statement that he heard a “click” at 5.30am, which he believed to be the front door closing. Her husband Anthony Koletti said he was asleep when she left.

“That click could have been anything, we cannot base an entire investigation on that, we are open to the theory she could have gone missing any time from the night the warrant was completed to any time after 5.30am the next day on Thursday, November 12,” the source said.

The warrant the source is referring to was issued by the corporate watchdog to search Ms Caddick’s home.

Detectives are considering that she may have staged her own disappearance after Australia Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) demanded Ms Caddick’s company, Maliver Pty Limited, hand over its latest financial statement as part of an ongoing investigation into the handling of investor funds.

There are allegations she spent up to $40 million, with one investor telling The Sydney Morning Herald in December, Ms Caddick “robbed from genuine hard-working families”.

Melissa Caddick pictured with her husband Anthony Koletti.
Ms Caddick has now been missing for more than two months, with authorities and her family members perplexed by her disappearance. Source: Facebook

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller told 2GB there were two parts to Ms Caddick’s disappearance - a missing persons investigation and also an investigation into possible fraud.

"We're still actively looking for CCTV, downloading information from her car's computers and again doorknocking ... to try and identify where she may be,” he told 2GB.

In November, Mr Koletti made a public plea to his wife to come home.

“Just come home. Everything’s taken care of. You’re not in trouble,” Mr Koletti said.

Anyone with information regarding Ms Caddick’s whereabouts or her disappearance is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 1800.

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