The new plan which will see more drivers fined on our roads

They’re the warning signs that are possibly all that stand between you and a $300 speeding fine – but that could all be about to change.

As part of a report into mobile speed cameras, NSW Auditor General Margaret Crawford said the existing system is not effectively deterring drivers from speeding, and that the signage that warns drivers of upcoming speed cameras should be scrapped.

“The use of multiple warning signs provides drivers with general reassurance that they will receive an obvious warning to slow down before potentially being caught speeding,” Ms Crawford wrote in the report.

“This limits the opportunity to moderate driver behaviour through causing drivers to be worried they could be caught anywhere, anytime.”

A report has suggested the signs that warn drivers about mobile upcoming mobile speed cameras should be scrapped. Images: 7 News & Roads and Maritime Services 2018

As it stands, a sign must be placed 250 metres ahead of the mobile speed camera to warn drivers but Ms Crawford said it is crucial to create a perception that speeding can be enforced anywhere at any time.

She also said there are considerable expenses and safety risks involved with maintaining the warning signage.

“There are also additional costs associated with the signs, including the time for their set-up and removal, and additional site maintenance costs,” she said.

“Deploying signs puts the operators at risk of injury and signs routinely get stolen and damaged, which can disrupt a MSC session.”

NSW Auditor General Margaret Crawford said warning motorists about mobile speed camers is a costly and dangerous process. Image: AAP

More than 1000 locations have been approved for MSC’s, however Ms Crawford wants that number raised.

She pointed towards Victoria’s recent success with “covert” mobile speed camera as a key aspect in improving that state’s road safety record.

But a spokesperson from the NSW Roads Minister’s office rubbished any suggestions that the speed camera warning signs should be removed, telling News Corp “it’s not going to happen”.

“We’re not going to start pulling down signs like they do in Victoria.”