New photo reveals struggle for Sydney's Danny Lim after brutal arrest

A photo of well-known Sydney activist Danny Lim reveals he is still battling his injuries after being slammed to the ground by two police officers in a brutal arrest.

After suffering a fractured skull and brain bleed as a result of the arrest, the 78-year-old who was recently released from St Vincent's Hospital, has been snapped holding two walking sticks due to his injuries. He will need ongoing care.

"Danny Lim needs two walking sticks to get around," his lawyer, Chris Murphy, said on Twitter. "He requires specialist medical help that will continue in two areas of damaged health."

A photo of Sydneysider Danny Lim sitting down in the Queen Victoria Building with blood dripping down his cheek. Another photo of Danny Lim using two walking streets and promoting his event in Newtown.
Well-known Sydneysider Danny Lim is now forced to use walking sticks after being slammed on the floor by NSW Police in an aggressive arrest. Source: Twitter/Facebook

Speaking from his home this week, Mr Lim told The Guardian that he is "not OK".

“I wake up with a headache. I have to sit down all the time,” he said to the publication on Tuesday.

“I am not OK, but I want to be OK. The main thing is I am alive.”

Mr Lim is known for walking around the streets of Sydney with a trademark sign and holding his small dog. The sign he was wearing at the time of the arrest said “SMILE CVNT! WHY CVNT?" on one side.

What happened in the arrest?

According to police, on November 22 officers from the Sydney City Police Command were called before 11am by security to the QVB building on George Street, after Mr Lim had failed to leave the premises. Due to not complying with an order to leave, the two police officers are seen to slam the 78-year-old to the floor, with his head colliding into the concrete first and blood seen on his cheek and floor.

Mr Murphy who is representing Mr Lim in court had said on Twitter the man was simply "waiting to talk to a friend at his phone shop" at QVB building before the brutal act occurred. Mr Murphy previously represented him in an aggressive 2019 arrest for the language on one of his signs, in which the charges were dropped.

A photo of Danny Lim with blood coming from his cheek while in St Vincent's Hospital. Another photo of Danny Lim in a wheelchair surrounded by medical staff.
Danny Lim was recently discharged from St Vincent's Hospital. Source: Twitter/Facebook

According to The Guardian, one of the witnesses, Mike Ashley, previously claimed that when Mr Lim saw the officers come towards him, he asked them to call an ambulance due to PTSD.

“He let them know very clearly that he had PTSD, and that he needed an ambulance,” Mr Ashley said to the publication. "He voiced that very clearly at the outset. He became increasingly agitated as they approached him.”

Independent police investigation into Danny Lim's arrest

NSW Police has launched an independent review into the incident. NSW Police confirmed on Friday the investigation is continuing.

"The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission is real-time monitoring the NSW Police Force investigation into the circumstances of the arrest of Danny Lim," NSW Police said in a statement. "This includes the use of force by NSW Police as part of that arrest and the injuries sustained by Mr Lim. The Commission has the power to take over the investigation and conduct the investigation itself."

Despite Mr Lim's struggles with recovering from his injuries, he was recently captured in the street holding a sign that is not one of his usual. The sign is about his public event in light of Humans Right Day which will be held on Saturday in Newtown. People can expect live music and are encouraged to have a picnic.

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