Mum's horror over 'soiled' nappies in Amazon order

A mother was horrified to find the nappies she ordered online were completely “soiled” when she pulled one out of the box.

Nassly Sales, from New Jersey, buys boxes of nappies for her two daughters on Amazon Warehouse, where people are able to buy used items and “open box” products for a discounted price.

Ms Sales recalls the nappies being a “little bit heavy” when she picked them up, but she also admits the lights were off and she was “half asleep”.

“At that point, I turn on the light and that’s when I noticed these diapers are neatly-folded and they are soiled,” Ms Sales told US news outlet WPIX.

A mother claims she was sent her 'soiled' nappies when she ordered from Amazon Warehouse. Source: WPIX

Finding the nappies in this state prompted Ms Sales to completely disinfect her 19-month-old daughter’s nursery and wiping her down with rubbing alcohol.

The baby was born 26 weeks premature, which means her immune system is compromised.

Dad Sid Mukherje told PIX11 Amazon’s customer service did not seem to understand what had happened.

“They were like, ‘Okay sorry for your inconvenience, we will give you a refund’,” Mr Mukherje said, adding Amazon said they could “keep the stuff” and they “don’t need to return it”.

The family claims the substance had a strong resemblance to faecal matter as did the smell and were eager to have some sort of explanation from Amazon.

All products sold under the Amazon Warehouse banner are inspected and graded before they are sold, according to business tool Seller App.

“The best thing about Amazon Warehouse Deals is that every product that they have is inspected properly and given a complete description about its condition so that you will know what to expect when it arrives at your doorstep,” Seller App promises.

An Amazon spokesperson told WPIX the company was “investigating the situation” and in contact with the family.

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