New homebuyer finds 'secret room' after neighbour's comment: 'I'd be screaming too'

A very excited mother has shared footage of a huge 'secret room' she discovered in the family's newly bought home.

After living in the house for eight months, event and wedding designer Heather Benge was tipped off about the room by a neighbour.

"So a neighbour just knocked on our door and told us we have a secret room in our house, and now we are putting the pieces together," the new homebuyer said on TikTok. "We think this closet in our upstairs bedroom may be a door to another room".

One photo of someone opening the door to the secret room. Another photo of the new homeowner, Heather Benge.
Event and wedding designer, Heather Benge, found a hidden room in the house she and her family recently bought, after being tipped off by their neighbour. Source: TikTok/Instagram

While people in the audience thought it was rather ominous the neighbour knew about the room, the Florida local clarified that the house had been bought in a foreclosure sale during the pandemic, and the previous owner had "contacted the neighbour to tell (them)".

Screaming out of delight while making the discovery, Ms Benge managed to open the back of the closet, which had a camouflaged sliding door lock, to find a 28-square-metre room.

"The original owner was obviously a ‘prepper’ — the room had over 40+ cases of bottled water, stockpiles of dried food, receipts for ammo ... probably never been opened for 5 years," Ms Benge said in the TikTok.

Two photos of the secret room where there is a projector, as well as the new homeowner's wedding dresses that are being stored there for now.
A woman has shared footage of a ‘secret room’ she and her family found in their newly bought home after being tipped off by their neighbour. Source: TikTok

'Secret room' turns out to be a movie room

After cleaning it up, the homeowner revealed that the space was used as a "full movie theatre room".

"There is surround sound throughout the entire room and you can see the huge projector screen there," she narrated in an update video. "We can now obviously see there were double doors coming in from the hallway — the previous owner took out the double doors, and created an entrance from this neighbouring closet from our bedroom."

In the meantime, Ms Benge said the room would be used for storage, showcasing the wedding dresses that were in there for now. "If you didn’t gather, I'm in the wedding industry," she said in the video.

However she hopes to soon transform it back into a "movie theatre room".

Social media users react to secret room

Ms Benge's videos were collectively viewed by approximately 13 million people, with many transfixed by the awesome discovery.

"Wow fantastic space to find," one person commented. "Look forward to seeing you renovate it back".

"I have recurrent dreams of finding secret rooms in my house. This is so unbelievably cool," another said.

"I'd be screaming too," a third person said.

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