New home for SA clinic hit by blackout


A fertility clinic that lost embryos during South Australia's state-wide blackout has opened a new facility that it says is among the most secure in the country.

Flinders Fertility opened the new centre at the TechSA hub in Thebarton on Tuesday, which will mostly replace its facilities at the Flinders Medical Centre.

The clinic announced the move in October but said the plans were made months before it lost the embryos of 12 families when a backup power generator failed during September's blackout.

Clinical Director Michael McEvoy says the backup power systems at the new facility have been thoroughly tested and passed "with flying colours".

"The clinic has one of the highest levels of power and operating security of any clinic in Australia - with multiple layers of protection," he said in a statement.

"The custom-made facilities will allow us to deliver improved patient service, greater laboratory efficiency and even more secure storage of patients reproductive materials."

A fuel pump issue caused the backup power generator at the Flinders Medical Centre in Bedford Park to fail when power was cut to SA on September 28, compromising Flinders Fertility's incubators.

SA Health acting chief executive Vickie Kaminski said in October the backup generation systems at all SA hospitals would be reviewed in light of the incident.

Flinders Fertility, founded in 1977, is one of the oldest clinics of its kind in Australia and played a role in the conception of SA's first IVF baby in 1982.