Woman refuses to go public to collect her $710m lottery win

A US woman is being denied millions from a lottery win because she wants to remain anonymous.

The woman, going by the name "Jane Doe", won $710 million from a Powerball ticket sold in New Hampshire last month, but she doesn't want to give her name because of concerns for her safety, according to court documents obtained by New Hampshire.com.

Under New Hampshire Lottery Commission rules, every winner must sign the back of their winning ticket to claim a prize.

She's gone to court to get her millions without revealing who she is. Her lawyer, Steven Gordon, said his client is "an engaged community member" and doesn't want to walk around town being known as a lottery winner.

A woman is being denied a lottery win for not giving her name. File pic. Source: Getty Images
A woman is being denied a lottery win for not giving her name. File pic. Source: Getty Images

Mr Gordon said she planned on staying in New Hampshire with the money and intended on giving a portion of the prize to a charity.

"She wishes to be a silent witness to these good works, far from the glare and misfortune that has often fallen upon other lottery winners," he said.

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He's also requested the "Ms Doe" be allowed to white out her name in front of lottery officials, as she's already signed the card, and replace it with a trust. But Mr Gordon's been told it would invalidate the ticket and she'd lose the winnings.

New Hampshire Lottery Executive Director Charlie McIntyre said the reason for identification was for the security and integrity of the lottery.

A hearing has been set for February 21.

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