New private email rules for Qld ministers

Sonia Kohlbacher

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will issue new ministerial guidelines after the corruption watchdog found a senior MP's deletion of a private email account could be considered corrupt conduct.

Labor MP Mark Bailey stood aside as a minister on Wednesday after the Crime and Corruption Commission asked the state archivist to further investigate the Yahoo account's deletion following a right-to-information request.

Ms Palaszczuk said on Friday officials were working on a new set of guidelines around the use of communications platforms and she would address the issue with ministers at state cabinet on Monday.

Speaking for the first time since Mr Bailey stood aside, Ms Palaszczuk rejected questions about potential misuse of public funds.

"There is no misuse of taxpayers' money," she said.

"What it could be is a technical breach of the handbook but let me make it very clear, we are going to be cleaning up the guidelines around this."

Ms Palaszczuk said developing the new rules would take time and she became visibly frustrated by questions alluding to a "sniff of corruption" around Mr Bailey.

"There has been no finding of corruption," she said.

She added she was hopeful Mr Bailey could return to the front bench.

The CCC found Mr Bailey might have engaged in corrupt conduct in January by deleting the email account, which he had used to correspond with a top union official.

Mr Bailey used the email address to correspond with Electrical Trades Union boss Peter Simpson last November but deleted the account following a right-to-information request in January.

Environment Minister Steven Miles was on Friday forced to defend his use of a personal Gmail account during questioning by LNP member for Moggill Christian Rowan.

"I think it is also not inappropriate to question the tactics that the LNP is using in asking questions clearly out of order with the process, because it goes to their inability to talk about environment policy," he said.

Dr Miles faced LNP calls to stand down this month after it was revealed he had sent three emails to himself, one of which was just the word "test".

Another included documents he wanted to print out for a meeting and the third was a draft email Dr Miles was going to send to help a constituent of LNP Member for Gympie Tony Perrett have a grazing issue resolved.