New clue in execution-style murder of teen shot dead in his bed


Detectives investigating the Good Friday murder of Sydney teenager Brayden Dillon have identified a car that may lead to his killer.

Brayden was shot in his bed after a gunman kicked in the door of his family's Glenfield home at 6am on April 14.

It was suspected to be a revenge attack.

Strike Force investigators on Monday released CCTV of a white Mazda 3 hatch, with what appears to be white registration plates and a green P-plate near Brayden's Glenfield home around the time he was killed.

Brayden Dillon. Photo: 7 News

Police said this car was seen near Brayden's home before he was killed. Source: 7 News

Homicide Squad Detective Chief Inspector Mark Henney said police had reviewed hours of CCTV throughout the Glenfield area tracking numerous vehicles, but this one was the only one that matched the timeframe.

"This car arrives in the area about 15 minutes before the murder and is seen leaving the area less than five minutes after the murder," Det Chief Inspector Henney said in a statement.

He appealed for public help to solve the murder.

Dillon was shot in his family home in Sydney's south-west. Source: 7 News.

Brayden Dillon was shot as he slept in his bed. Source: 7 News

"This Wednesday would have been Brayden's 16th birthday, and we hope the community will help us give his family the gift of justice."

"The murder was planned and calculated, so it's likely there are people who know what happened, even if they weren't directly involved," Detective Chief Inspector Henney said.