New app calculates annual running costs of white goods

A new Energy Rating app calculates the annual running costs of white goods. Source: 7 News.

A new energy-rating app has been created to help calculate the annual running costs of different white goods before you buy them.

The Energy Rating Calculator app is a joint initiative of the Federal and State Governments that helps customers compare the ongoing costs of big ticket items.

The app draws on data linked to Energy Rating labels but takes this a step further by estimating the annual cost of running an appliance.

The app is foolproof: simply enter the make and model of the appliance you're interested in and the app will quickly estimate the annual cost of running the appliance, based on average use.

The app covers energy rating for SIX major appliance groups:

  • Fridges

  • TVs/Computer Monitors

  • Washers

  • Dishwashers

  • Air Conditioners

  • Dryers

Energy efficient appliances are often perceived as more expensive upfront, but consider their ongoing operating costs as well.

In one example, Fridge A was found to cost $91/year to run, while Fridge B was estimated at $155; the difference is $64 a year or $640 over ten years.

Energy efficient appliances not only save money, but reduce greenhouse gas emission as well.

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