New $2 coins to celebrate 100 years of this Aussie icon

Vegemite has been a staple in Aussie households for 100 years, and now it has a coin.

An image of a person holding the Vegemite $2 coins.
The new $2 coin design celebrates 100 years of vegemite. (Source: Facebook)

Woolworths and the Royal Australian Mint are celebrating 100 years of Vegemite with the release of a limited-edition range of $2 coins.

Aussies wanting to get their hands on the new coins will need to pay with cash. One design will be released each week into the cash tills across a three-week period.

There will be 3 million $2 coins available to Aussies around the country.

What do the vegemite coins look like?

Designed by Royal Australian Mint coin designer Aaron Baggio, each coin in the series features a unique illustration celebrating 100 years of vegemite.

A coloured circle in the vegemite brand colours of yellow, red and black encompasses each illustration, accompanied by a different vegemite tagline.

The first coin features a jar of vegemite as its focal point, with the words “100 Mitey Years” at the bottom.

The second coin features a slice of vegemite toast, with the words “Tastes like Australia”. The third coin features a child eating a slice of vegemite on toast, with the words “Happy Little Vegemites”.

Woolworths brand and marketing director Jane Saleh said the supermarket was proud to have had vegemite on its shelves for decades.

“We’re delighted to be a part of the celebrations for this iconic brand’s centenary,” she said.

The three designs on the vegemite $2 coins.
The three designs feature different vegemite slogans. (Source: Royal Australian Mint)

King Charles III won’t appear on reverse side

The 2023 Centenary of vegemite $2 coins will feature the Queen Elizabeth II Memorial on the reverse side.

The portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by British engraver Jody Clark, the Memorial Obverse, also includes the Queen’s years of reign – reading: “Elizabeth II 1952-2022”.

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