'I never knew': Secret message hidden on popular cordial bottle

Brooke Rolfe
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A beverage company has been secretly printing messages into the bottoms of its cordial bottles for decades without customers having the slightest idea.

On the glass bottom of every cordial bottle from Bickfords, there is one of four positive affirmations – thank you, love, hope or peace.

A post recently went viral on Facebook sharing the hidden affirmations, which a spokesperson for the company confirmed were on every single bottle of cordial it ever produced.

The reason for the messages stem from Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto, who for more than 20 years studied the science behind molecular structures in water transforming when exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions.

The bottom of a Bickfords bottle with "hope" stamped into it.
The bottom of a Bickfords bottle features the affirmation, 'hope'. Source: Bickfords

He documented pleasing changes in the physical structure of water when it was exposed to certain kind affirmations including “love and gratitude”, “peace”, “eternal” and “thank you”.

In his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr Emoto also discovered an unpleasant response was produced when water was exposed to less positive words like “you disgust me” and “evil”.

Bickfords, without publicly advertising the fact, has used Dr Emoto’s revolutionary concept of thoughts and intentions creating physical responses, in its manufacturing of glass bottles.

“By adding the affirmation to the bottom of the bottle, the idea is that we aim to imbue the power of those positive thoughts through the liquid to add to the water it’s diluted with and therefore the person drinking it,” the spokesperson said.

A lemon lime and bitters bottle next to a lime juice cordial from Bickfords.
The owner of these bottles revealed they had the words "peace" and "hope" on the bottom. Source: Facebook

Since the viral post, several consumers have shared images from the bottoms of their cordial bottles to social media.

“All the years my family and I have been drinking Bickfords and I’ve just learnt something new. My bottles say thank you, trust and hope,” one person wrote in a comment.

“Never knew that and I’ve been drinking it for years,” someone else said.

“Bickfords has been a part of our house my entire life, both growing up and now with my own family and I've never known this until today,” a third wrote.

The spokesperson said while the four words are the main affirmations, there may be bottles still in circulation with older messages on them.

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