Surprising twist after flying fox found wrapped in snake's coils

A resilient flying fox has managed to survive the clutches of a carpet python in a Brisbane backyard.

Snake catcher Bryce Lockett was called to a Jindalee home in Brisbane’s southwest just after midnight on Wednesday after a family heard squealing in their backyard.

Mr Lockett told Yahoo News Australia the family were “pretty confused” after finding a metre long carpet python wrapped around a juvenile flying fox.

But the bat wasn’t going down without a fight.

This flying fox was lucky to escape with its life after it was found in a Jindalee backyard. Source: Facebook/ Snake Catchers Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan & Gold Coast 0413 028 081

“The bat was biting the snake the entire time,” he said.

“It’s natural instinct for the bat to bite – if you’re being constricted you do everything you can to get away.

“The snake eventually let it go after about 30 minutes but the flying fox was near suffocated.”

The snake catcher said he had to “let nature take its course” for this particular callout and did not want to separate the pair.

“Everything’s got to eat,” he said.

“Once the snake let it go the bat tried to fly away but had a small tear in its wing membrane. The snake also had a mild bite mark on its back.”

The bat fought back and bit the snake. Both suffered minor injuries. Source: Facebook/ Snake Catchers Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan & Gold Coast

Mr Lockett said the pair were both taken to a vet but expects they will be fine as their injuries were minor.

“The flying fox was very lucky,” he said.

“It’s proof that it pays to never give up.”

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