'Never eating here': Sydney pub under fire over 'discriminating' menu

A pub in Sydney’s northwest has been forced to apologise before they even opened their doors to the public over their “unrelenting” and “discriminating” menu conditions.

In recent days, The Marsden Brewhouse proudly spruiked their $45 million venture with a sneak peek of what was to come on Facebook.

Among the images of their trendy new grounds, rooftop bar and boutique brewing facilities was a snapshot of their menu.

It was this that caught the attention of workers at Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (AAA) who took serious issue with a disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

“No Alterations,” the page read.

“Please be advised that we do not allow alterations to our menu.

“Our menu contains nuts, gluten & other allergens, please take this into consideration.”

The Marsden Brewhouse are yet to open the doors to their $45 million venture but that hasn’t stopped the complaints from rolling in. Source: Facebook/The Marsden
The Sydney pub apologised for their ambiguous menu. Source: Facebook/The Marsden

AAA wasted no time calling out The Marsden Brewhouse, saying “food allergy is not a lifestyle choice”.

“How difficult/time consuming is it to leave the cheese off a burger, leave gravy off a dish or forego the pesto in another menu item?” they wrote in a scathing Facebook post.

“People with food allergies diagnosed by a medical doctor don’t choose to have them.”

“Discriminating against those who have an autoimmune, life-threatening condition is hardly community-minded,” another social media user wrote.

“They’re making a choice to discriminate and eliminate their market then. It’s a good way of ensuring their business doesn’t survive,” another wrote.

That’s terrible. Never eating there… It’s hard enough to feel included and to actually eat out without having arrogant restaurants deliberately excluding people due to medical conditions,” a third person said.

Pub backtracks on ‘ambiguous’ menu

WE ARE SORRY! The Marsden Brewhouse team would like to apologise for the below poorly written disclaimer on our menu…

Posted by The Marsden Brewhouse on Sunday, March 24, 2019

In the wake of the social media backlash, The Marsden Brewhouse took to Facebook to apologise for what they saw was “a poorly written disclaimer on our menu which presented some ambiguity”.

“We are sorry,” the pub’s post said.

“We would like to clarify that we already have 19 Vegetarian/Vegan Options and 19 Gluten Free Options on our menu and will where possible assist with other allergic requests.

“However we cannot 100% guarantee that we are totally allergen free.

“This disclaimer will be changed and we thank you all for your feedback.”

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