Network Rail defends Islamic display board message for Ramadan at King's Cross

Network Rail defended an Islamic message which appeared on its customer display board at King’s Cross station in central London.

During the holiest month for Muslims, the ninth day of Ramadan, featured a “Hadith of the day”.

The terminology constitute the major source of guidance for Muslims considered second only to the Quran in importance.

The board read: “The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) [Peace Be Upon Him] said: All the sons of Adam are sinners but the best of the sinners are those who repent often.”

Former Ukip and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage was among those wading into the social media debate about whether public information boards should display religious messaging.

But many applauded it, including one user on X, formerly Twitter, who wrote: “It’s Ramadan right now, of course there is going to be a Hadith.”

Another added: “Why are all the snowflakes getting offended by this?”

The station’s owners also celebrate other religious festivals including Easter, Christmas, Passover and Diwali.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “King’s Cross station is made up of a diverse and multi-cultural workforce and at times of religious significance, messages such as these are displayed to celebrate the station's diversity and inclusivity.

“Throughout the year, messaging at the station also celebrates festivals from other religions including Easter, Christmas, Passover, and Diwali to mark the beliefs of our colleagues and passengers.

“If significant disruption occurs on the network, the boards are changed to display relevant passenger information to help passengers complete their journeys.”

But Stephen Evans, chief executive of the National Secular Society, told GB News: “At best it’s a well-meaning yet misguided and counterproductive attempt at inclusivity.

“Such gestures suggest favouritism, generating resentment and the inevitable demands from other religious or identity groups for equal recognition.”