Netflix's The Circle reveals show-first twist with first look at season 6 cast

caress russell, the circle, season 6
Netflix's The Circle reveals show-first twistNetflix

Netflix has unveiled the cast of the sixth season of The Circle, which includes a catfish unlike any other.

The social experiment, which returns to the streamer on April 17, will see players befriend, flirt and lie their way into winning an enormous cash prize, as they compete to be crowned the season's top influencer.

For the first time in the show's history, an AI bot will enter the game as a catfish, trying to evade detection from its fellow players.

the circle, season 6

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"This season, we're adding a bit more intelligence to the chat," teased host Michelle Buteau in the season six trailer. "An AI bot is playing the game as the ultimate catfish".

Designed to become the most popular player in the game, the AI bot will present itself as 26-year-old veterinary intern Max.

According to Tudum, the bot was created by studying past seasons of The Circle and using previous players as inspiration for the profile.

caress russell, the circle, season 6

Two more players are also going to be catfishing: Brandon will be playing as his friend and colleague Olivia, while Caress will play the game as her younger brother Paul.

In another show first, "proud dog dad" Kyle will be bringing his furry friend Deuce into the apartments.

kyle fuller, the circle, season 6

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Contestants Autumn, Cassie, Jordan, Lauren, Myles, Quori-Tyler and Steffi will also take part in the new season of The Circle.

The show has also found a new home, moving from Manchester in the UK to Atlanta, Georgia.

the circle, season 6

It's understood that the new apartment complex is larger than the previous building – not just offering accommodation for both cast and crew, but also offering space for the control room and editing bays under one roof.

Last season, Sam Carmona, who placed last in the first rankings, went home with the top prize of $100,000, after befriending her fellow players and staying out of the drama.

The Circle season 6 returns to Netflix on April 17. The first five seasons are currently available to stream.

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