Netflix shares exciting update for season 2 of The Night Agent

Netflix has shared an update on season two of The Night Agent.

The streaming platform revealed on social media today (June 17) that filming has wrapped, four months after filming on more episodes of the FBI thriller began.

The series follows Peter Sutherland (played by The Strangers: Chapter 1 actor Gabriel Basso), an agent cast into a major conspiracy as he seeks the identity of a mole at the highest level of government.

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Previously addressing The Night Agent's renewal, showrunner Shawn Ryan shared in a statement: "To see the tremendous reaction to the show has been a great joy and is a credit to our cast, our writers, our directors, our crew and our partners at Sony Pictures Television and Netflix.

"We couldn't be any prouder or more excited to get cracking on season two to share the further adventures of Night Action with our newfound fans."

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As for his vision of the show's future, Ryan also told Deadline that each season will "tell its own mostly self-enclosed" storyline.

"To me, it was important. I don't want to tell this specific story over five seasons, I want to tell this specific story in one season and give some satisfaction to the audience that they see how things turn out. They learn what the truth is about Peter's father, they learn what the conspiracy was," he explained.

"If we are successful enough that Netflix wants more seasons, I think there'd be a whole new world in which you would see a limited number of characters from this current season going into that."

The Night Agent season 2 doesn't yet have a release date on Netflix.

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