Netflix scam targets nearly 12 million Australians

Netflix users have been hit with another email scam. (Source: Getty; MailGuard)

Netflix users have been warned to be on guard against a new email scam asking users to update their membership or risk their account being suspended.

“We were unable to renew your membership for the next billing cycle of your subscription, therefore we will suspend your membership if we do not receive a response from your [sic] within 72 hours,” the fake email reads.

“Obviously we’d love to hold on to your membership. If you change your mind simply you can restart your membership to enjoy all the best TV shows and movies.”

The scam email’s sender is from ‘Netflix Service’ and the email is titled ‘Your payment didn’t go through’ – but you’ll notice that the sender doesn’t come from a Netflix domain, according to a post by MailGuard.

“The message body includes the Netflix logo and is titled ‘Membership Renewal’. It informs recipients that their membership will be suspended unless recipients renew it within 72 hours. A link is provided for them to do so.”

Here’s what it looks like:

(Source: MailGuard)

Netflix has more than 158 subscribers around the world, nearly 12 million of which are Australians, meaning a significant proportions of Aussies are at risk of the scam.

The email tricks people by using a major brand name trusted by many people; uses links to Netflix’ terms and conditions; includes high-quality brand elements like Netflix’ logo; and an alarming subject line that creates a sense of urgency.

Clicking the link will take recipients to a dead end, said MailGuard.

Red flags to look out for

But there are still a number of give-aways that reveal the email is a scam.

“For instance, the user isn’t addressed directly in the email and the email address used in the ‘from’ field doesn’t contain a Netflix domain.”

Typically, a suspicious email will use poor grammar, or may be from a business you’re not expecting to hear from.

You should steer clear if you’re asked to download any files, or if it takes you to a website you’re unfamiliar with or is illegitimate.

If you get this email, delete it immediately, and definitely don’t click on any of the links.

“If you see an email from Netflix, please exercise caution and make sure it is a legitimate communication before you open it,” said MailGuard.

“Please share this alert with your social media network to help us make the people aware of the threat.”

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