Netanyahu meets with Fetterman: ‘Israel has had no better friend’

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lauded Sen. John Fetterman during the Pennsylvania Democrat’s visit to the country Wednesday.

“We’ve been through dark times in these months of anguish, war. During that time, I can say that Israel has had no better friend than Sen. John Fetterman,” Netanyahu said during a meeting with the senator.

Fetterman has been one of the most vocal supporters of Israel among Democrats, a policy position which has isolated him from many of his progressive supporters.

“Thank you for your courageous statements that show moral clarity and moral courage,” Netanyahu added. “You just say it the way it is, and we appreciate this friendship at all times, but especially in these times.”

Fetterman, wearing his trademark hoodie, reaffirmed his support for the country.

“We stand with Israel at this time. I am so sorry for what has been done to this nation,” he told the prime minister. “It is an honor to be here today.”

The senator was also wearing a special bracelet during his state visit, given to him by families of victims killed during the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on the Nova music festival at the onset of the Israel-Hamas war.

He told Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Tuesday that he would not take the bracelet off until all the hostages held by Hamas were returned.

Netanyahu is under growing pressure to reach a cease-fire deal with Hamas to secure the release of hostages. His critics say he is intentionally prolonging the war to protect his own political interests.

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